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White Glove Services


This is Personal Mail International’s customer centric service. If you feel that your emails are overwhelming you will enjoy this selection. White Glove clients simply “set it and forget it.”

  • You pick the service level that suites your needs and budget. Your personal mail concierge does the rest.
  • There is no limit to the amount of mail that you can receive with any White Glove service plan.  PMI does not charge per piece.
  • You predetermine the frequency of mail dispatch  (Twice a Week, Weekly, Every Other  Week, or Monthly)
  • You predetermine how you want it sent (Shipping method).
  • Shipping costs are additional based on destination and weight  
  • PMI is your dedicated assistant for your mail management needs.

When you select our Diplomat or Ambassador level – you select the pieces of mail that you wish discarded prior to shipping to your destination.  If you decide to add categories or specific pieces to your mail exclusion list, simply let us know. A human will respond to your needs and act on your behalf to implement your requested changes to your plan. We follow your direction until you notify us that you would like to make a change in your services.

PMI has been providing our signature White Glove Services over 30 years!

You know the amount and type of mail you are currently receiving at your location. You will know the best decision for your mail needs based on what you typically receive. We are happy to speak with you (973-543-6001) or email to discuss each service offering.

Plan COST Benefits
BASIC $18.00/month

Mail received is sent to your home or office in the host country.

ENVOY $25.00/month

Value added - Accountability White Glove Service + we input mail sender information in a confidential database

DIPLOMAT $30.00/month

White Glove Service + you determine the mail sent to host country; we confidentiality shred unwanted first class mail, promotions, catalogs, etc.

AMBASSADOR $40.00/month

Value added - Accountability + Eliminates unwanted mail, reducing shipping costs.

Additional Services available, click here to learn more.

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