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When Privacy vs. the Cloud is Important

How it works


Whether you are moving overseas, on extended travel, a short or long term business assignment or just in Florida for the winter, your mail will follow you. In order to begin the process of managing your mail, you first need to set up a Personal Mail International mailing address. You will reroute your mail from your current address to PMI. PMI is a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency. There are no residency taxes associated with our address. The address is not a domicile; it is a mailing address.

Once your mail arrives at PMI, our mail concierge will collect your mail and handle it in accordance with your selected service plan.

WHITE GLOVE SERVICE – Select from four service levels. You predetermine the frequency of dispatch, method of shipment, and (if Diplomat or Ambassador level is selected,) you may also predetermine the mail to be sent. Mail pieces are unlimited with the White Glove Service. A dedicated Client Service Representative is available for your special requests.

SCAN PLAN – Select from 3 service levels. This is our automated mail management system. You are provided access to your personal mail portal. You will see a picture of each mail item received at PMI. On a regular basis, you will go into your portal to assign one of the following actions for each mail item located in your portal: FORWARD (send to designated address) SHRED, RECYCLE, or OPEN and SCAN.  If you select the OPEN and SCAN action, we will open the contents of the envelope and scan it to you.  There is a secondary directive required for the OPEN and SCAN action request. After you have viewed the contents, you must instruct us to FORWARD, SHRED, or RECYCLE the physical mail item that remains in your box.

Sign up for service by clicking the SIGN UP button and completing the required forms. Please note, there are two components to our service the FIXED COST – monthly service fee based on selected plan and the VARIABLE COST – the cost of shipping (based on destination and shipping method).



To learn more about Personal Mail International contact us through our website by clicking here, email us at, or call us at 973-543-6001 or toll free at 800-548-3622.